Saturday, 3 August 2013

Archviz Look Dev in Houdini : Almost there!!

I'm almost there with this project. I think I can push it more with better compositions and tweaks. Will play around more with night time lighting as well.

Wide Shot

Close Up Shot

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Archviz Look Dev in Houdini : Post processing try outs

After some time, I thought it's better to have sharper shadows from the sun. It gives more contrast to shadow and bring more balance to the focal points. Before I continue shading the rest of the objects and do final tweaking, I was also thinking why don't I just build the post pro work using Houdini's compositor. Taking the procedural workflow gives and advantage of flexibility, below are the compositing trees and results of the post color corrections.

Compositing Tree

Wide Shot

Close Up Shot

I'm pretty satisfied with the post color stuff, so I can just finish up the rest of the shading work and finalize the renders.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Archviz Look Dev in Houdini : Room Shading and Colors

Finished with the layout and modelling stage. I'm now doing the shading and blocking the main colors and textures for the room. I've updated my Houdini Apprentice to 12.5 and I was impressed with some of the rendering improvements. And in the same time my Apprentice HD license were expired, thinking about buying it later since I'm planning to buy a new laptop with better specs.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Archviz Look Dev in Houdini : Layout & Modelling Part 2

Medium Shot

Wide Shot

Close Up Shot
I've made another progress by adding up more stuffs and also removed things that were not contributing much to overall image composition. Play around with camera framing as well. Houdini's switch camera node has been extremely useful to help visualizing different camera angles to capture the scene. Will be adding more stuffs like cloth, some pillows, books and other thing that can add up more to the richness of the scene.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Archviz Look Dev in Houdini : Layout & Modelling Part 1

I started a WIP forum in OdForce about demystifying archviz in Houdini. Well, it has been more than a year ago and finally after some time I finally got some time, bit by bit to build a scene from scratch and start layout and modelling it. I've done with the main furnitures. Still experimenting with different layout, cameras and objects for a good composition. Next step after I'm done with layout and modelling, that would be the most exciting part : Look Development!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Chicken Brood : Instancing In SideFX Houdini

Meet Chicken Brood
Meet the Chicken Brood! My doodle result in the weekend. Haven't been tried object instancing and I find it fascinating. The purpose is just to test how Mantra performs with my old Macbook Pro. 

The image was rendered in about 25 minute with my Core 2 duo 4GB laptop. I'd say it's great and probably will use more instancing in the future for massive scenes. The model was the chicken from Modo, shaded it in Houdini. And it's easy to setup instancing and do custom attributes to alter the way the instancing works. Check Mantra Rendering for more info on instancing showcase.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Moved To A New Blog!

I've decided to move to a new blog address. Yup I'm starting from scratch again because I think it's easier for me to have everything under one roof. So, moving to blogger at least I can access it using only a single ID so I don't have to keep remembering different user name and password.

And I also dedicate this blog solely for my CG works and any other related CG topics kind of thing. For a start I went to down to my memory lane and remember how I can get involved in a CG profession as a Lighting artist. Here is a picture I've made using Softimage XSI back on 2006. 

I was still a freshmen back then and I wanted to become a cinematographer, but since I went to a Computer Science that didn't stop me to become one. Doing lighting in CGI has made my dream come true and the good thing is you can even make your imagination wild by doing any kind of experiments without the need to go out there with a real camera and it's cheaper as well :p

Since then this is the only thing that I want to do. Anyway the link for the picture is here Lighting Challenge Eye for an Eye. Hosted by Jeremy Birn a Pixar Technical Director.
By joining the challenge has improved my skills a lot. The last time I heard the lighting challenge has undergone several changes in moderation. For the latest news and challenges you can visit Lighting Challenge forums in CG Society website.

As you might wondering where the title of my new blog coming from. "Tukang Lampu" is an Indonesian word for "Lighting Mechanic" in English. Sometimes people will mistakenly to think that I'm working for a light bulb company and designing lamps until I say to them that I'm working in one of a division in an animation industry. If I see that they still don't get it then it's easier for me to say to them that I'm an animator :)